Thursday, June 7, 2007

Are they kidding???

Today I had the displeasure of being introduced to the most ridiculous contraption called "The Babywell Milk Expresso", it is a machine that claims to mix formula perfectly and hygienically, all for $449. The WHO violating marketing of this product at, opened with "It doesn't matter whether you Breast or Formula feed." then goes on to state one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard, "The Babywell Milk Expresso is here to prepare the formula milk for breastfeeding mothers to consume, Breast feeding mothers can use the machine to dispense formula for their own consumption with the purpose of enhancing the quality of their breast milk.". Ok, A. EWW gross and B. FALSE!!!! Breastfeeding mothers do NOT need to drink formula to enhance breastmilk! Funny thing is that I read of it first on a lactation list, then posted a bulletin about it on myspace, this was less than 12 hours ago and now the site has been changed to:
"At Babywell, we strongly believe that breast feeding is still the best. However, we do know that many mothers could not breast feed long enough too.
The Babywell Milk Expresso is here to prepare the formula milk for breast feeding mothers to consume or for the precious babies of formula feeding mothers."
They must have taken all the complaints seriously! Score one for the Lactivists!
Unfortunately it doesn't change the fact that people will be fooled into buying this, and I feel so bad for those poor moms that don't know any better that will be brewing themself a formula latte every morning!

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