Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More on NYS Museum

Click here for article containing statement by NYS museum

So as of now hat I have read on the WWW is that there is a nurse in planned for Friday at NYS museum, however this is from the article that is linked above: "The State Museum has checked its employees and says no one with that name and the description Kelly gave was on the museum floor Tuesday. They say the Museum is “family friendly” and they want Kelly and others to know they are welcome to breastfeed wherever they want. They feel it could not have been one of their employees. “We wouldn’t do that, none of our staff would do that…we try to be as welcoming to families as possible, “ says Cliff Siegfried, Director of the State Museum. He says many state workers with state ID badges routinely walk through the Museum during the course of the day and feels the woman who confronted Kelly could have been one of those employees, not a Museum staffer."

I would like to say that as much as I support the Lactivism movement and am a firm believer in it, there is definitely not enough info yet to be calling a nurse-in. Please refer to this blog article, Nurse ins are not the first line of defense written by Jennider Wilcock AKA The Lactivist. Jennifer says here exactly what I think, but is much more eloquent than I could ever be.

My advice, for what its worth, is call of the nurse-in for now. There are not enough facts at this point and the museum can be 100% innocent of any wrong doing and should not have to suffer because a museum visitor made an ignorant statement.

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